Masks for Andover

We are inviting anyone who needs a face mask to come along to ABC any morning Wed-Fri this week (10, 11, 12 of June) between 9am-12pm to pick one or more from our mask trees. They’re size labelled for men, women and children (not to be worn by under 2 year olds). Please check our Facebook page before coming in case we have run out.

Our face masks are NON-MEDICAL grade and have been sewn by people in our church who are keen to practically support our local community at this time. The masks are free for anyone who needs them and we are not asking for a donation; we just want to bless our community in a tangible way.

Our church building is off the Charlton Road by the Folly roundabout, and there is plenty of parking. The masks will be outside our main entrance door. Just come and take one or however many you need for your family.

We are looking for people interested in helping with this project as the demand has been huge. Please read the sections below if you’re able to help by sewing or donating fabric or elastic. If you can help please contact us on 01264 392032 or

God bless & take care 😀

P.S. Please spread the word to all those who might need one!

#FaceMasks #ForAndover

How can I get involved?

You can get involved by:

  • making the masks and delivering them to ABC any weekday morning between 9am – 12noon,
  • being part of a small team of no more than 4 people that puts the masks and accompanying leaflet into bags at the ABC building OR picking up masks and bags and leaflets and putting them together at home,
  • loaning us suitable equipment for us to use as mask trees (coat stands, bird feeders – anything on which masks could be hung).
  • Gifting some spare materials (pillow cases or a fabric that’s a good trade-off between filtration, breathability and comfort), and
  • collecting and delivering some of the masks to your neighbours should they need them.

If you are able to help in any way please contact us on 01264 392032 or

We are providing an ABC leaflet with each mask and have ordered some biodegradable bags/paper bags to put the masks in.

If you do want to make some masks and are wondering where to start then just refer to this file: Making Masks guidance and links

More about the Project

Over the last few weeks’ we have been hearing from a number of you who have been busy using your creativity, skills and resources to create scrubs and masks for frontline workers. More recently, some of you have, as a result either of the ‘Big Community Sew‘ project or the local networks that you are linked into, begun to sew cotton facemasks for yourselves, friends or neighbours.

Since mid-May, the Government has been advising use of masks while in public and yesterday announced that wearing facemasks on all public transport would be mandatory from June 15th.

A number of community groups are supporting this initiative and we’d love to be a part of that community response, but to do so we need to act quickly!  Other organisations are selling the facemasks or asking for donations for charity. As long as resources allow (and we don’t want that to be a barrier to anyone participating), we’d love to donate the facemasks to members of our community. We plan to do that in the following ways:

  • Dispensing these to members of the public from a ‘mask tree’ in the ABC car park,
  • Gifting some to our Embrace ministry so that they can include these in the ‘bags of love’ that they make up for ladies in the Andover Crisis Centre, and
  • Making them available, in larger quantities, to ABC attenders so that you collect and hand out to friends and neighbours.

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