Serve the Jesus way

What was one of the examples Jesus gave his followers for how to be a good leader? Washing their dirty, smelly feet.

To lead like Jesus did, we have to learn how to become a servant of God and others, sacrificing ourselves for their sake. We have to embrace responsibility as a privilege of God’s grace to us, an opportunity to join him in his work rather than a chore. We have to want this life, to give ourselves cheerfully to his service. We have to willingly invest our efforts in the pursuit of heavenly rather than just earthly rewards. We can only do all this by following Jesus.

How can you better serve those that God has placed around you?

Own the culture

A positive, encouraging, welcoming and inspirational culture doesn’t happen by accident or overnight, but with effort, over time, on purpose. We want to shape the culture of the ABC to better reflect God’s vision for his people and we believe that you are the right person to lead the way! So what do you say? Are you up for the challenge? If you are, why not sign up for the Shaping ABC course on one of our course nights.


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