ALL IN on mission

God is always at work around us inviting us to join him. Are you all in? We can’t fully be his disciples if we only respond to him and serve him at certain times and places. We believe all of life is full of opportunities for worship and mission. It’s what we’re created for. We have to learn to partner with God at ABC but also at work, school, the supermarket, at home, or anywhere. We don’t just attend church – we are the church, wherever we are.

What part of your life might God be at work in right under your nose?

Changing lives starts with a simple invitation

When you’ve discovered something great, don’t you just long to share that with others? It’s no different with God. When we’ve found the life changing, eternity transforming love of God we need to find ways to sensitively and appropriately share that with others. Inviting is a great way to do that. A simple invite to an ABC service, event or activity can begin that life changing journey for a friend, work colleague or family member.

An easy way you can dip your toe into inviting people is to share one of our posts on social media, here’s a link to our Facebook Page if you want to give it a shot now.


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