You are uniquely designed to play your part

We believe that God made each of us with a purpose and he individually crafted us with gifts, talents and passions. However, we were not designed to use these qualites on our own but, together with others, in teams! We can achieve things in teams that are impossible when going solo.

Serving on a team is also a great way to get to know other people, feel more involved and do something that matters! There are tons of different teams you can be a part of and loads of opportunities to get involved, so jump on board!

If you’d like to sign up to join any of the teams below, just head on over to our contact page and drop us a message.

Kids // CABC

Are you passionate about nuturing little lives? Let’s make Sunday their favourite day with fun, creative and vibrant sessions where they can make friends for life and catch a glimpse of how dearly God loves them! From tiny waddling toddlers to “I’m grown up” 11yr olds there’s loads of different roles you could explore – you can be a part of the team serving our small people! Get in touch

Youth // IMPACT

Do you remember how crazy being a teenager is?! Maybe not, but we’ll bet you can think of some encouraging words you’d have liked to tell yourself as a teenager. Our youth are epic bundles of excitement without the baggage of adulthood and we get the amazing priviledge of helping them explore faith and find their feet in life. Who wouldn’t want to jump in and join our amazing youth team? Get in touch


Do you love seeing people fully engaging with the content during our services and experiencing God? Whether it’s people laughing at a funny series intro video or immersed in worship and God’s presence or others hanging off every word of one of our talks. You can be involved in making that happen. Our technical teams use their gifts (with some training) in sound, visuals and lighting to help people connect with God, and you could do it too! Get in touch


This Sunday could be someone’s first time at church, or their first time in years and you could be the friendly face or warm welcome that encourages them to come back next week. Do you want to help guide someone to the seat that God has prepared for them? Do you want to help them discover the amazing things God has planned for them? Then join our amazing team of welcomers! Get in touch

HUB & NextSteps

Is your passion helping people find belonging, answers to questions and reach their full potential? Then you sound just right for our HUB & NextSteps area on a Sunday! When people want to take a next step in their faith journey like signing up for a course, joining a team or connecting with a group, you can help them find the information they need. Playing your part can help people move closer to God. Get in touch


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Every journey has a next step, even the spiritual ones. Find yours today.


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